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NBA Players Fight For Sports Reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s ‘Freedom’ After Being Suspended For Send

If you’re into American sports, odds are you go to ESPN for your news. If you’re into basketball, more specifically the NBA, you go to the social media account or article postings of Adrian Wonjnarowski, ESPN’s Senior NBA Insider. Well, you shouldn’t expect to receive your normal dose of NBA info from Wojnarowski for a while.

Reports circulated over the weekend that the veteran sports journalist was suspended without pay after responding to a press release sent from U.S. Senator Josh Hawley’s office - Hawley represents Missouri.

The Press release was an open letter that was published on social media and sent to individuals such as Wojnarowski. In the letter that was addressed to the NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver, Hawley criticized the NBA’s relationship with China and their decision to allow players to wear “social and political messages” on their uniform jerseys. In his response to the email Wojnarowski wrote “F**k you”.

Wojnarowski’s suspension is expected to last two week and also means that NBA fans will have to look to another sports reporter for the inside scoop on what’s happening in Orlando, Fla. with the NBA bubble this week. However, he is expected to visit the bubble at a later time, post-suspension.

Several NBA players took to Twitter to express their discontent regarding Wonjnarowski’s suspension using the hashtag #freewoj. Amongst the players who have shown support for the beloved sports announcer is LeBron James.

Despite the support from fans and NBA players, Wojnarowski has maintained radio silence on all of his social media accounts after publishing his apology via Twitter of which Senator Hawley felt was unnecessary.

Following the incident, many fans believe that the senator used social media as an attempt to damage Wojnarowski’s career.

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