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Judge Rules Mo’Nique’s Gender and Racial Bias Lawsuit Against Netflix Can Proceed

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique is back in the headlines for her lawsuit that stemmed from her calling out Netflix in 2019. Last year Mo’Nique took over social media platforms and interviews with her accusations of the racial and gender bias that she was presented with by the popular online streaming service, Netflix.

Netflix attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, however, a judge ruled against it.

The tension between Mo’Nique and Netflix began when she says the streaming service offered her $500,00 for a stand-up comedy special in 2017. In her argument regarding pay discrimination she referenced the tens of millions of dollars paid to other comedians for their Netflix specials. Some of the comedians Mo’Nique listed include Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres and Amy Schumer.

Mo’Nique also claims that Netflix blacklisted her after she spoke out.

However, Mo’Nique did more than just take her case to the social court, she took it to a legitimate court as well. In November 2019 Mo’Nique filed a racial and gender bias lawsuit against Netflix.

Mo’Nique has won several awards during her career and felt as if the amount of money she was offered for her Netflix Comedy special was insulting. Mo’Nique has been in the spotlight for over 20-years and has won multiple awards including an Oscar and Golden Globe in 2010.

Netflix’s defense for the pay gaps amongst various comedians have to do with the more recent success each comedian had at the time, for instance Amy Schumer sold out Madison Square Garden and had a recent movie at the time Netflix offered her a comedy special. The pay that Schumer received, allegedly reflects the success she’s had.

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