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UN: BLACK Summer


Happy Hour anyone? As promised, Urban News will be keeping you updated on the best Black owned spots in NYC. This week we are highlighting Brooklyn based restaurant, BK9.

Only blocks away from the Barclays Center, BK9 is known to serve some of the best Modern Caribbean cuisine. Their menu includes Jerk Chicken with cabbage, plantains, rice and peas, delicious oxtail, and pumpkin soup. For our vegetarian followers the “Tour de Legume” is an eggplant dish served with lima beans, white cabbage, carrots and green peas. It is also the perfect dish to eat if you want to go out with friends but still maintain your healthy lifestyle. Ladies, you can definitely still keep up with your Slim Thick goals!

Check out their menu for more tasty options.

Now that we got the food covered, let’s talk about drinksss! BK 9’s Happy Hour is Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. I recommend getting the “Drunken Lust.” Besides it’s cool and foreshadowing name, it is a good mix of vodka, pineapple, orange, and lime juice. For my rum lovers, BK9 has the classic Rum Punch, but they also feature a tasty Haitian rum punch, which I can tell you….HITS. If you’re really looking for a good time with your friends, order a round Barbancourt shot, Haitian rum. Yesterday, was my first time having it and definitely goes down smooth.

As you know, NYC has turned into a little Italy with the outdoor seating and BK9 has an adorable outside decor. Their outdoor dining is open until 12:00am, Monday through Saturday.

P.S. They also offer take out drinks.

For more details, follow their Instagram @bk9restaurant.

Location: 62 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217

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