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Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams Will Replace John Lewis On November Ballot

Photo Credit: CNN Politics

This year is one of the major years for elections. We are not just electing a president this November we are voting for senators and other levels of government as well.

The untimely passing of Congressman John Lewis left a vacancy in the senate and that vacancy has been filled less than 72 hours later. Nikema William, a state senator from Georgia, will be filling the vacancy left by the civil rights leader turned politician.

Lewis represented Atlanta in congress for almost 30 years and has dedicated much of his life to serving the nation as well as his state.

Some may find that the appointment of Williams came too soon, however, Georgia state law requires a replacement in the event of a representative passing to be appointed within days.

Williams, however, is not completely taking on the job on John Lewis just yet. Her name however, will replace him on the November ballot for the congressional election.

In response to Lewis’ passing Williams tweeted “Congressman John Lewis was America’s greatest champion in the fight for justice and equality, and showed us all how to put the people first. His legacy of Good Trouble will ring on in generations to follow. He was my hero and my friend, and I will miss him very much.”

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