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MLB's Toronto Blue Jays Denied Permission To Play At PNC Park and Are Rumored To Be Discussing P

With the MLB 2020 season beginning today, some Toronto Blue Jays fans will have to wait indefinitely to see their a 'home' team on the field.

Earlier this week the Toronto Blue Jays received their second rejection from a place to host their season.

Their first denial came from their home city, Toronto, Canada. Toronto denied the teams’ request to host their regular season due to the constant travel between the U.S. and Canada that takes place during that time. The number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are continuing to rise as Canada has already flattened their curve significantly.

The Blue Jays’ second denial came from Pennsylvania where they were attempting to share a home stadium with the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park for their 2020 season. Pennsylvania health officials stated the reason for the denial is due to the surge in COVID-19 cases the south western part of the state has seen in recent weeks and the safety risks that the athletes and other travelers will face.

The Blue Jays’ third attempt at finding a home stadium is sharing Camden park. The team is currently rumored to have received permission to share Camden Park with the Baltimore Orioles from Orioles officials. Both teams are waiting for the state of Maryland to approve the deal.

Luckily the general manager of the Blue Jays, Ross Atkins, claims that the team has five contingency plans for finding a home stadium. One likely possibility is that the Blue Jays will be traveling to each of their 60-games playing at their opponents’ home stadium if a major league stadium cannot be found. Another likely possibility according to Atkins is that the Blue Jays will play their home games at their Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo, New York.

Regardless of the lack of a home stadium the Blue Jays are scheduled to open the season on Friday facing the Tampa Bay Rays in their home stadium.

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