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Second Stimulus Check May Be Approved Under HEALS Act

A second stimulus check will hopefully be approved under the HEALS Act very soon.

The HEALS Act stands for, Health, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection and Schools. Mitch McConnell announced that eligible Americans will receive the direct payments just like the previous round of $1,200. This payment is said to provide even more support to families with an extra $500 stimulus check for each dependent in the family. The act also has liability protection and cuts UI benefits. If you're forced into a workspace under threat of termination, and get sick, you can't sue your employer.

On Sunday, the Republican Senate proposed cutting unemployment bonuses from $600 to $200. “We have learned what we knew at the time, that when you pay people more not to work than they would get working, what do you expect?” Sen. Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said. “People will not work.”

The HEALS Act will include money for schools, increased testing and treatment as well as liability protections for employers, hospitals and schools according to FOX8.

Nothing is confirmed yet but hopefully this will act will be passed.

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