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Serena Williams To Help Donate 4.25 Million Face Masks To Schools Ahead Of Their Highly Anticipated 

Tennis star, Serena Williams, has teamed up with Bella+Canvas, the National School Board Association and Scholastic Inc. to help provide 4.25 million masks to “underserved” schools across the nation.

Williams made the announcement earlier this week via Instagram. The team up between Williams and the three industry giants is a part of a program called Masks For Kids.

According to Williams, the Masks For Kids program will allow schools access to “affordable masks and educational material, quickly.” The program also intends to provide educational material about masks to 54 million students and 115,000 schools throughout the nation.

Additionally, the Masks For Kids program will donate a mask for every one that is purchased. Masks For Kids also offers program discounts for schools looking to participate in the program. However, individuals may also qualify for the program.


Williams’ announcement comes as extreme controversy has been ignited surrounding the discussion of students returning to school physically for their 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Due to the rapid rising COVID-19 cases that struck the U.S. in mid-March schools of all learning levels across the country had to move their curriculum online. Although some schools are reopening, many health officials and members of the public raise concerns about the second wave of COVID-19 cases that many states are already experiencing.

The question that remains on the minds of students and parents is when will students be able to return to school safely? Schools in several states have reopened and or are preparing to reopen but it is unclear just how “safe” it is for students to return.

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