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UN: BLACK Summer

This week we will be putting you on to a hotspot that is more suitable for the times when you're looking for a quick bite. Brooklyn based vegan restaurant and bar, Natural Blend.

Natural Blend has four locations, all of which are in Brooklyn. Although the description of this eatery suggests that it is a vegan and vegetarian eatery, we can assure you they have an option for non-vegans.

Some of Natural Blend's more notable entrees include their patties that come in pumpkin, split pea, kale, fish and chicken. Natural Blend’s dinner options include classic Caribbean cuisine such as curry chicken and jerk chicken. All of the "chicken" options are soy.

Are you more of a breakfast person? No worries! Natural Blend's breakfast options include ackee and saltfish (their only non-vegan menu option), porridge, quinoa waffles, dumplings and more.

The various beverages offered at this eatery include smoothies, coffee and espresso based drinks, matcha lattes and tea.

Unfortunately, Natural Blend does not offer outdoor dining and the locations that offer indoor dining are unable to do so because of state regulations.

Natural Blend is available for delivery via the UberEats app.


- 2251 Church Ave. Brooklyn, NY

- 769A Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY

- 243 Malcom X Blvd. Brooklyn, NY

- 302 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY

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