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Southern California Experiences Its First Major Wildfire of 2020 Less Than A Week After Earthquake

Residents of Southern California woke up from their sleep and ran from their homes once again, only this time due to a wildfire.

According to reports the fire erupted in mountains just east of Los Angeles due to a malfunctioning diesel vehicle on Friday night.

The wildfire, nicknamed the Apple Fire, spread across over 26,000 acres which allowed the fire to spread from its origin of the Cherry Valley to San Bernardino National Forest. Since its start, authorities have only been able to contain approximately 7 percent of the fire as of Monday night.

Approximately 8,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes, at least one home and two buildings were destroyed and no injuries or deaths have been reported.

Displaced residents are encouraged to go to their nearest evacuation center and are also being assisted by the Red Cross who are hosting some people in hotels.

The Apple Fire is being handled by several departments including the U.S. Forest Service, Riverside County Fire Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Yucaipa.

The Apple Fire erupted less than a week after Southern California experienced a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that left residents shaking.

Story still developing.

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