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E! News Is Officially Canceled After Almost 3 Decades Due To COVID-19

Up and coming correspondent, media personnel and entertainment journalist it seems as if you will have one less place on your list of jobs to apply to.

The almost 30-year-old news show E! News, that airs on E! Network (a.k.a Entertainment Television), is officially canceled. The cancelation is due to economic hardships the network’s parent company, NBC Universal, is experiencing because of COVID-19.

What does that mean for life after the pandemic? It means reporting on award shows and entertainment news will be a little different. However, E! News’ website will still be operational, as well as the network shows “Daily Pop” and "Nightly Pop” according to CNN Business.

Despite E! News’ controversial past with gender pay discrepancies, the show has undoubtedly made its mark on pop culture and reporting standards surrounding it since the show's launch in 1991.

Some common faces known to the E! News fan base that will be missed are the newest co-hosts Lilliana Vaquez and Scott Tweedie. Vaquez took to Instagram to express her thoughts on the cancelation:

“See. I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. ⠀

Revelations 3:8⠀

Thankful for this incredible adventure and I will miss this team and crew beyond belief. Yes...even the 4am call time. ⠀

Con mucho mucho amor.”

Tweedie has not commented on the cancellation of E! News.

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