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Disney World Parks Reducing Hours Due To Low Attendance

Disney World has always been the go to place to for vacations and overall happiness. During the COVID pandemic they closed their gates but opened back up recently. With the anticipation to open Disney employees were excited to welcome everyone back. Well, the parks are officially open and they aren’t seeing as many visitors as before the pandemic.

Due to the lower than expected attendance Disney World parks have decided to reduce their park hours. Since reopening they have taken the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe which would make visitors feel safe.

Some of the new health and safety protocols included social distancing, less park capacity, hand sanitizer stations, relax zones and more. Guests are also required to make reservations for each park online before attending.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney lost $5 billion in revenue in the second quarter, largely due to closures of its theme parks due to the global health crisis. “Parks, Experiences and Products revenues for the quarter decreased 85 percent to $1.0 billion, and segment operating results decreased $3.7 billion to a loss of $2.0 billion,” Disney’s quarterly report noted last week."

To see a list of new hours visit the Disney Website here:

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