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Ex-NFL Player Derrius Guice Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend Until She Was Unconscious

Ex-NFL Player Derrius Guice was arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend until she was unconscious. Reports state that upon regaining consciousness the girlfriend, whose name has been withheld, noticed Guice crying and tapping her.

The incident in which Guice allegedly strangled his girlfriend is said to have taken place on March 13 at his home in Ashburn, Virginia.

However, court documents allege that the March incident was only one in a string of violent attacks by Guice against his girlfriend.

One of the other alleged incidents took place on Feb. 14 when Guice allegedly pushed the girlfriend to the ground of his bedroom. The final alleged incident took place on April 17 when Guice allegedly pushed his girlfriend to the ground outside of his home. The girlfriend sustained and documented bodily injuries for all of the alleged incidents.

Guice was arrested on Friday and faces three domestic violence-related charges. The charges brought against him on Monday include one count of felony strangulation, three counts of assault and battery and one count of destruction of property.

Guice was arrested on Friday, Aug. 7, the same day that he was released from the newly renamed NFL team the Washington Football Team. The release seemingly came as a result of Guice’s arrest.

Washington’s coach, Ron Rivera stated "Any time you have to release a very talented player it's always a tough decision," "We take those allegations very, very seriously and we had to make a decision.”

Rivera continued “I talked to players yesterday that I made a decision I believe was in the best interest of our organization and if it was the right decision we'll benefit from it and if not it will be on me. I will take full responsibility going forward to make sure we do things the right way."

Guice is set to appear in court on Aug.28.

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