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Dallas Cowboys Plan On Playing Their Home Games In Front of Fans According To Owner Jerry Jones

The months leading up to the start of the NFL 2020 season have been nothing short of mind-boggling. From players opting out of the season, to several teams undergoing name changes and ownership, to determining whether or not this season will be completely canceled and figuring out how fan experience will be impacted if the season goes on.

Dallas’s Cowboys fans may have just received some positive news regarding their fan experience for this NFL season. The team’s owner, Jerry Jones, held a video conference with reporters on Wednesday and discussed fans attending games held at the AT&T stadium.

Jones emphasized that the team plans on following any local or state protocols regarding safety – the state of Texas only allows 50 percent occupancy for sporting events.

According to Pro Football Talk, Jones and the team do not have a specific number of fans they expect to be in attendance, however, they are hopeful and believe the number of suites in the stadium allows for a decent number of fans to attend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused state officials and health officials to restrict public gatherings of any kind, making the fate of live fan interaction at major sports games unknown.

Many professional sports organizations are feeling the brutal financial impact of the lack of fan attendance and interaction.

Although Jones shared some exciting news, fans should hold their breath. Jones claims that the team will follow protocols regarding attendance, however, protocols may be subject to change as Texas remains a hotspot and at the epicenter for the rise in COVID-19 cases.

The Cowboys have exactly one month to figure it all out. Their first game is Sept. 13, just three days after the NFL kickoff.

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