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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Fires 3 Top Producers Following “Toxic Work Culture” Allegations

Damage control or corrective action? That’s what the public has been asking themselves since Monday after news broke that three top producers were fired from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The staff arrangement comes a month after the start of severe bad press the show has been receiving since it was revealed that the show that promotes love, equality and comedy is a toxic place to work.

Several former Ellen Show employees shared their stories about the “toxic work culture” they experienced in an expose from BuzzFeed. Following the revelation that took social media by surprise were rumors that DeGeneres was not only disappointed by the news but was ready to call it quits after two decades and 3,000 shows.

Instead, the beloved daytime talk show launched an investigation that resulted in the firing of Ed Glavin, an executive producer (EP) that was one of the EPs named by former employees as the one to blame for their bad experience; Jonathan Norman, one of the show’s producer; and Kevin Leman, a head writer is accused of sexually harassing employees; Warner Bros. Television confirmed.

Is this change of staff enough to make the experience of employees at the show as vindicating as the experience of the show's celebrity guests? Or is there more to come?

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