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TikTok Partners with UnitedMasters To Create A Lucrative Platform For Independent Artists

Independent artists have just received a new opportunity with the Chinese-owned social media company TikTok.

On Monday, TikTok announced their new partnership with United Masters which allows the social media site to distribute music straight from the app.

Already Known For Propelling Unknown Artists to Success, TikTok's New Partnership With United Masters Provides a Turn-Key Platform For Aspiring Stars to Fast-Track Their Careers,” the news release reads.

The deal between the two companies will allow users of the social media app to distribute music directly to other streaming platforms. Music from TikTok creators who join UnitedMasters will be added to the platform’s commercial music library which allows businesses to use the music in their content. Artists may also be promoted by TikTok and United Masters, although it is unclear if the list of promoted artists will only consist of the artists that join United Masters.

According to TikTok’s CEO, Kevin Mayer, "The new partnership with United Masters makes it even easier for musicians and creators to reach new fans and earn a living doing what they love, directly from the platform."

In a time where jobs are scarcer than ever and entrepreneurship is taking off, could this partnership truly be the answer for the starving independent artist?

TikTok has helped bring attention to several independent artists including “Hit Yo Groove” creator RunItUpTahj.

In our interview with Tahj earlier this year he shared that the success of his song - created in 2019 - was credited to LeBron James after the basketball star posted a video of himself to TikTok and Instagram doing the Hit Yo Groove challenge in the beginning of 2020.

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