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Trump vs The USPS: Our Votes Are In Danger

The man in the white house is at it again - and he is blatantly trying to utilize undermining tactics to get re-elected. It comes as no surprise that his latest target is the US Postal Service. As we inch closer and closer to the 2020 elections, America continues to learn how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. This year like never before, mail-in voting is going to be a key resource for casting our votes. President Trump recently came out in opposition to funding that some within the Democratic Party believe would have helped manage the overwhelming number of expected mail-in votes for November’s election. Trump believes that Democrats are pushing for mail in voting across the board, a decision which he believes will only lead to an uptick in voter fraud.

States are divided at this point on which method they will utilize come November. However many states are testing the waters. Jersey and Nevada have recently used mail in voting in their smaller elections, while states like New York and Texas have opted not to. With a noticeable decline in service, concerns about whether or not the US Postal service will be able to handle the election are rising to the surface.

Some believe that we should fear not, as heavy traffic is something the post office is used to. In an article from this past December on the USPS website, it was revealed that in weeks surrounding the Christmas holiday the USPS delivers around 2.5 billion letters and 500 million cards per day (and this is not including packages). However we can not ignore the fact that the postal service has a target on its back.

Trump's decision to deny the USPS necessary funding is an indication that he’s pulling all the stops for November. Trump even suggested that the election should be postponed until the pandemic is maintained enough to where people can safely vote at polling locations. Can you believe this guy? You’d think it wasn’t his negligence that caused the pandemic to spiral out of control to begin with. Nevertheless it should be interesting to see how this election plays out and what it shapes up to be within the next couple of months.

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