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Arrests Made In Investigation Into The Attack Of 3 Transgender Women In Hollywood

Two men have been arrested in connection to a hate crime and robbery against three transgender women in Hollywood, Calif.

Willie Walker, 42, was arrested on Wednesday and released on $0 bail and Carlton Callway, 29, was arrested on Thursday with his bail set to $175,000. However, they are still searching for another attacker involved in the incident.

As of Friday morning, authorities are still trying to apprehend a third suspect, Davion Williams, 22, who is being accused of assault with a deadly weapon, according to ABC 7.


The attack took place in the early morning hours of Monday Aug.17 and was live-streamed and posted to social media by the attackers and witnesses. The various videos are what ultimately led to the arrest of Williams and Callway as tips started coming into the LAPD after the video went viral.

The three victims of the attack are Eden Estrada, Jaslene Busanet and Joslyn Allen. All of whom have huge social media followings.

The ladies shared details of this horrific night in an interview with CBS Los Angeles where they state that they were hassled, robbed, assaulted and met with unconcerned bystanders.

One of the attackers grabbed Allen by the hands to force her to look for her friends with the intention of assaulting them further. "He literally grabs my hand and pulls me. He's like 'We're going to find your friends because I'm going to beat y'all up.'”Allen stated.

Soon after Allen broke free of the attackers’ grip, Busanet collapsed after being struck in the head with a glass bottle by another attacker.

The ladies later took to Instagram to bring awareness to the event. In the interview with CBS Los Angeles, Eden stated that the only reason the story of what happened to her and her friends is being told is because of the platform they've built, stating “this happens all the time to women like me who aren’t on social media but we need this to stop.”

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