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50 Cent Takes An L to Rick Ross

It’s no secret that Curtis Jackson, rapper known as 50-Cent, doesn’t have a lot of friends in this industry. These days he only seems to be in headlines when he’s beefing with or trolling someone on social media. One of his longest standing feuds is with rapper Rick Ross and has been going on for over a decade. The hostility between the two started in ‘08 following statements made by Jackson about Ross’s friendship with Fat Joe and the dirty looks exchanged at the BET awards that year exacerbated the tension that was forming. Since then the two have been butting heads online and in the courtroom. The overall score can’t be calculated but we know that Rick Ross is up one after winning their latest case regarding his In Da Club Remix Appeal.

During the promotional period for Ross’ 2015 album Black Market he posted a video with the instrumental of In Da Club playing in the background on social media. 50 had a real problem with this, claiming that Ross sampling his record violates the legal protection of his likeness, name, and personal identifiers. The U.S. Court of Appeals didn’t agree and stated that “The predominant focus of Jackson’s claim is Roberts’s (Ross) unauthorized use of a copyrighted sound recording that Jackson has no legal right to control.” While 50 received some of his personality rights from the ‘03 record following the expiration of his Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment deal in 2014 - he doesn’t actually own the recording rights to the song.

50 Cent has been crowned the petty king but attempting to sue someone over the use of a record that you don’t own is a new low. After a series of posts on Rick Ross's Instagram Story, it's clear that we can count this as one more major L under Curtis Jacksons’ belt.

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