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Azealia Banks VS. Khia

Two of social media’s most problematic figures went head to head this past week. Khia had some pretty harsh jokes about Azealia Banks, who recently made the decision to shave her head bald. The rapper attributes a number of factors to her new haircut. On Instagram live Azealia spoke about not only being tired of managing her hair, but also about how hair products targeted towards Black women are harmful and potentially linked to certain cancers. Banks would also speak candidly about her cousin who is currently undergoing chemotherapy and how shaving her own head was an act of solidarity to remind her cousin that she is not fighting her journey alone.

Khia, who is known for her unfiltered “roasts and gags” took to Twitter and her YouTube show to crack jokes on Azealia. Khia compared the Harlem rapper to Fire Marshall Bill on Twitter. In response to Azealia’s alarming Instagram post that drew concern of a potential suicide attempt, Khia had this to say:

She then proceeded to liken Azealia to "a scarecrow in a field trying to scare the blizzards away” as well as calling her ugly.

Once word got back to Azealia that Khia wanted smoke, Banks responded with some slugs of her own. Azealia went in on Khia, from her wood paneled home to her teeth, nothing was off limits. Notable tidbits from Azealia’s response include her comparing Khia’s home to a slave quarters shack and offering to pay for Khia’s dental work. Azealia also stated that Khia will lose a tooth every time she disses another female rapper. Long story short Azealia Banks was not going to back down from Khia, and she’s certainly back to her true form.

Azealia's respnse:

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