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#FreeSza Calls on TDE to Release New Music

The growing classic album CTRL is over three years old now and fans are watching Sza like a hawk anticipating what the followup to her first studio album will be. There was complete radio silence following her 2018 announcement that she would not be performing at the TDE Championship Tour because her vocal chords were damaged

While the damage was not permanent, she definitely needed to take the time to heal, which her fans understood. We’re now over halfway through 2020 and patience seems to be wearing thin for both fans and Sza. It’s been two years since the damage and there is still no music. Fans took to Twitter to inquire about when something new can be expected and many didn’t like the response Sza had.

This led to a trending hashtag of #freesza where fans directed their grievances to TDE CEO and manager Punch. This hashtag goes further than just Sza not being able to release new music, but it speaks to the way that female artists are treated in the industry. Most artists would have a few followup singles or an EP within a year or 2 of their album coming out, especially if it’s the first one. With Sza having such a strong fan base there’s no way TDE is afraid of anything flopping; the people have been waiting too long. While artists of all races and genders can be instructed to hold off on the music this has become a pattern with Artists who are Black Women. The same level of mismanagement and timing can be seen with Normani and Tinashe as well. So the question has to be posed, with the amount of support and public anticipation there is around an artist and their music, why are they holding off?

Sza slightly recanted her original statement saying that she does not need freeing and that although her and Punch may disagree at times she trusts he has her best interest at heart. We know that dropping a single sometime before 2021 is in her best interest, we can only hope that Punch agrees.

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