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Vic Mensa Apologizes to XXXs’ Mother in New Track “Rebirth”

Vic Mensa has been seen as a punk rock rapper who speaks his truth at every turn. Aside from the music, Mensa providing ruthless and honest social commentary in interviews and on his social media accounts is part of the appeal that he has with his fans. Being able to stand by what you believe is right regardless of public perception is something that only the strong can do. Well in his new track, Rebirth, featuring BJ The Chicago Kid, Mensa is apologizing for the second time regarding comments made about the late XXXTentacion during the 2018 BET awards Cypher.

Rapper XXXTentacions’ murder in June of 2018 shook the music industry. XXX was a young upcoming rapper with a strong fan base who showed a lot of promise. During his life, some of his talents may have been overlooked due to the publicized domestic disputes with his girlfriend and childs’ mother. Many struggled on whether or not to support him because of the violent accusations he was connected with, Vic Mensa included. During the cypher portion of the BET awards that year Mensa dropped a few bars calling out the late XXX and those who supported him. After hearing word that XXXs’ mother was in the audience he posted an apology video on Instagram stating that he meant what he said but was sorry that his mother was in the audience to hear it.

Fast forward 2 years and Vic Mensa has apologized to XXXs’ mother again in the emotional track Rebirth, noting that he knows better than to mix award shows and Hennessy. Mensa is consistent. It’s hard for artists to be completely honest with who they are and their views, and it’s even harder to admit where they were at fault. Mensa is one of the few who can do it publicly without a problem.

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