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Louisiana Faces Back-To-Back Storm Threats

Louisiana was spared by Tropical Storm Marco as it significantly weakened from a category one hurricane to a tropical storm with wind speeds of 70 mph before making landfall Monday night.

However, residents of the Bayou State and Texas are being ordered to evacuate and brace themselves for Hurricane Laura which continues to strengthen. Laura is expected to make landfall Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

The question is how will these two states prepare for the anticipated damage from Hurricane Laura while battling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Both states have been met with crowded grocery stores where shoppers are stocking up on groceries and personal protection equipment.


Hurricane Laura is expected to become a category 3 hurricane or higher which will cause flooding and storm surges. Flooding and storm surges will likely affect the response time of first responders, halt testing of COVID-19 and have residents barricaded in their home or storm relief shelters.

With unemployment plaguing the country, job shortages, lack of personal protection equipment, Texas being considered a hotspot for COVID-19 cases and Louisiana still scarred from damages caused by Katrina - and disasters that followed - will evacuations be enough for the survival of these states?

Story still developing.

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