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Late Registration: Kanye Misses Ballot In His Home State Of Wyoming

Looks like it’s all falling down for Kanye West’s presidential campaign. The 21 time Grammy award winning rapper and producer missed the ballot in his home state of Wyoming. Anyone who has been following West over the last couple of years, knows how much he loves the state and that he’s been trying to make himself at home ever since purchasing his property there. Kanye bought two ranches in the Cody Wyoming area in 2019 and does most of his new recordings there. You’d think that Kanye would at least be eager to make a big splash in his new home state, but it can’t come as too much of a surprise that he missed Wyoming. Kanye has been missing deadlines left and right, giving his 2005 Grammy award winning album “Late Registration” a brand new meaning. It was initially reported that Ye had missed the ballot for major states such as Texas, New York and Illinois. In the beginning of August, Kanye missed the deadline to appear on the ballot in Wisconsin. Most recently, it was reported that Kanye missed the FEC filing deadline. All of these missed deadlines reduce Kanye’s campaign to nothing more than a completely useless, failed experiment.

We’ll cut Yeezy some slack though, his campaign has been off to quite a rocky start. Starting with a strange breakdown at his first presidential rally in South Carolina. Back in July, Kanye was brought to tears when discussing abortion. Kanye wept, "I almost killed my daughter” - revealing he and Kim had plans to abort their first child North. Soon after, he took to Twitter accusing his wife Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner of trying to fly a doctor out to Wyoming where Kanye was staying, and locking him up. He described the plans as being similar to that of the movie “Get Out”. In addition to accusing Kim of hooking up with rapper Meek Mill, claiming he had been trying to divorce ever since the alleged rendezvous. After the fall out of the rant, in an effort to save their marriage Kim and Kanye took their kids and retreated to a tropical island. Based on images and videos shared by Kim Kardashian, the couple seems to be in great spirits. Ye has been more focused on rekindling his bond with his wife and kids, seemingly putting his aspirations of being the leader of the free world on the back burner.

Kanye has definitely learned that running for president isn't as Yeezy as he thought it would be.

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