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First Look At The Damage Left By Hurricane Laura

As we previously reported Hurricane Laura was expected to bring damage to the Gulf Coast, specifically parts of Louisiana and Texas. Residents of both states were given evacuation orders and started preparing for Laura shortly after surviving strong winds and rain brought by Tropical Storm Marco.

As predicted by weather and city professionals, Hurricane Laura touched down Thursday morning at approximately 1 a.m. ET as a Category 4 storm with speeds reaching as high as 150 mph. Laura's wind speeds decreased to 100 mph after approximately seven hours after landfall but the storm is still considered to be dangerous.

Cameron, La., approximately 35 miles from the Texas border, was Laura’s first victim in the U.S. Laura brought flash floods, severe property damage and storm surges that the National Hurricane Center is describing as “unsurvivable”.

Utility companies reported 404,000 customers in Louisiana are without power, according to The New York Times. So far Texas residents experienced fewer damages from the storm with approximately 104,000 power outages reported.

Hurricane Laura is considered to be one of the strongest Hurricanes in U.S history. However, the full extent of Laura’s damage will not be known until wind speeds decrease.

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