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Kanye Sues Ohio Election Head After Not Being Allowed On November Ballot

Kanye West’s presidential campaign is not running as smoothly as he may have hoped. Some obstacles West has faced recently include backlash from the public and missing registration in his home state of Wyoming. Adding on to that list West was deemed unqualified as an independent candidate in Ohio.

Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose deemed the fashion icon unqualified to be placed on the ballot as an independent candidate with what some might consider an unjust cause. LaRose rejected approximately 15,000 signatures and other paperwork West submitted due to alleged mismatched information on the signature-gathering documents, Billboard reports.

In true West fashion, he’s not going down without a fight. On Wednesday, West issued a lawsuit against Ohio’s election chief for LaRose’s decision. West’s attorney argues that any petition for an independent candidate should be submitted as long as the petition doesn’t violate state law and no protest is filed against it.

It is unclear when this lawsuit is expected to begin playing out in court.


Ohio is another state added to the list of states West has been rejected by or missed deadlines for, bringing the total to eight. Those eight states include Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

West is currently on the ballot in Idaho, Minnesota, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Vermont.

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