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Meet Gertrude, The Pig Elon Musk Put A Brain Chip In

The first two things that come to mind whenever the name Elon Musk is mentioned would probably be Tesla or Spacex; those are the first two autofills after the Google search at least. To have any awareness of the power and knowledge that Musk holds is to know that he is working way past just self driving electric cars and spacecrafts. Which would naturally cause the public to wonder, what other technological advancements can this mind come up with. Well just yesterday Musk took to YoutubeLive to update the world on Neuralink, his effort to try and link the Human Brain to computers. Musk was not the star of the show however. Viewers were paying more attention to Gertrude, the live Pig who has been hooked up to a form of Neuralink for about 2 months.

The natural question would be why, why would we ever want to be able to sync our human brains to computers? According to Elon Musk, it would solve a lot of our problems as humans., Neuralink would be able to basically cure blindness, paralysis, depression, insomnia, memory and hearing loss and much more. Sounds pretty good right, but how does it work? The small device, which is about the size of an American Dollar coin, would be implanted by a custom robot in a procedure that would take less than an hour. In relation to the beautiful Gertrude, Musk explained that the Neuralink is connected to neurons in her snout, so as Gertrude goes through her very busy schedule of eating and roughhousing with her fellow pigs, the day computer receives the signals.

It probably sounds like Elon Musk just wants to put a chip in your brain but that’s not the case. During the question and answer portion of the live, a Nerualink employee addressed the privacy and security concerns that the public would have; “All neural data would be encrypted, and the company is already working with penetration testers to gird the device against hackers.” Musk stressed that they are working very closely with the FDA since safety is their top priority.

As educational as the stream was, there was a heavy recruitment lean throughout the presentation. Towards the end, Musk let’s viewers know that Neuralink is actively hiring. "If you've, like, shipped a smartwatch or a phone, or any kind of complex electronics or complex device, or advanced medical devices, we'd love for you to contact us and consider working here" If you’re looking for a check signed by Elon Musk, here’s your chance! Prior experience with brains, human or otherwise, not required.

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