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OnlyFans Will Never Be The Same After Bella Thorne

OnlyFans has been an app for users to be able to buy and sell content for years; recently there has been a rise in sex workers utilizing their abilities. The use of OnlyFans has been proven lucrative for Sex Workers, as it gives a personalized and independent approach to their fans. During the midst of Quarantine, those who haven’t considered sex work otherwise, started an OnlyFans page with plans of making some extra money. There are some who cash out 10k a month! Entertainers began to follow suit as well. Former Disney Channel star, Bella Thorne is in some hot water after scamming her OnlyFans subscribers and causing a domino effect that has altered the OF experience.

Bella Thorne isn’t the only celebrity with an OnlyFans account. People like The Dream, Blac Chyna, and even Cardi B have recently created OF pages. The account itself isn’t the problem, the content is; or the lack thereof. Thorne sent a promotion to her subscribers promising fully nude photos for $200. According to disgruntled users, the photos sent to them only implied nudity. Since the offer wasn’t fulfilled, many users requested refunds through their banks and OF. It’s speculated that with over a Million dollars in chargebacks, OnlyFans could not afford to give everyone their refund at the same time. Frequent OF user took to Twitter to explain how this change has affected the income of sex workers and Content Creators alike.

While OnlyFans has maintained that they haven’t altered their procedures based off of one person, it doesn’t change the fact that the lives of those whose main source of income is OnlyFans will change drastically.

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