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Old Navy To Pay Store Employees To Work Election Polls In November

On Tuesday, the retail giant Old Navy announced that they were introducing a new approach that would ensure that some of their store employees were involved in the November 2020 voting process. Instead of giving their employees the day off to vote, they are paying their employees to serve as poll workers.

Old Navy’s new approach may just fix the shortage of poll workers several states have been facing.

This unique approach is a result of a partnership with Civic Alliance and Power the Polls, to recruit 250,000 new poll workers nationally to make sure that polling sites can run efficiently and remain open.

Store associates that participate may be compensated twice. Once from Old Navy for an eight-hour workday and associates may be eligible for additional compensation from their local jurisdiction, according to Businesswire.

"Every voice in this country matters and deserves to be heard at the polls, and if we at Old Navy can be even a small part of making that process more accessible to the communities we call home, we are on board," said Nancy Green, head of Old Navy.

However noble these efforts, are they enough to ensure that polling sites remain functional and voters will receive a smooth experience?

Unfortunately, only time will tell but to increase the odds of success this initiative is extending beyond the Old Navy workforce. The retail giant is inviting eligible consumers to participate. All poll workers will receive personal protection equipment, training and compensation.

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