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Car Drives Through Trump And Black Lives Matter Protestors in Times Square

Thursday evening at approximately 8:10 p.m. a car drove through a crowd of protestors in Times Square at the intersection of 46th Street and Seventh Avenue.


NYPD quickly came under fire as many speculated that the black Taurus sedan involved in the incident was a police escort for pro-Trump protestors that were allegedly in the car.

According to the NYPD News Twitter account, the car in question was not an unmarked NYPD vehicle.

Reports state that uniformed NYPD officers asked the driver to move his car so they can attempt to separate the two groups instead, the car – heading east - accelerated into the crowd.

New York Councilman Keith Powers stated that his office is looking into last night’s incident. Adding “Using a vehicle to hurt peaceful protestors is unacceptable and must be stopped.”


There are no reports of injuries, however, police are urging that anyone injured in the horrific incident come forward.

Police are also asking that anyone with information that will help lead to the apprehension of the driver involved in last night's incident to come forward.

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