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Has Khia Gone Too Far After Comments on Toni Braxton?

It’s no secret that rapper turned Youtube star Khia always has something to say about somebody, it’s part of the appeal right? The public doesn’t always receive her reads well, but they’re still tuned in to her “Gag Order” segments that are posted on her Youtube page. When it comes to Khia, it’s already known that there are times where she does a little too much or touches on a topic in an insensitive way. It’s been said that she went a little too far claiming that Tamar Braxton faked her suicide attempt. Now she’s moved her sights onto another Braxton sister, Toni.

A few weeks ago, Toni Braxton was giving a few skincare tips during one of Vogue Magazines Beauty Secrets Youtube segments and she revealed that she uses a vibrator on her face in order to activate the facial muscles. Seemingly Khia saw this and ran, very far. Khia implies that Toni has been suffering through life, has lied about her childhood, her parents, sexual desires, and was looking at Lil Wayne before Baby came in the picture. Based on her comments it felt like Khia had some of these statements in the chamber and was waiting for the right time to shoot.

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