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Migos Deny Styling Companies' Claim and Countersue

Celebrity stylists are the unspoken and underappreciated angels in the Entertainment Industry. Unless you’re versed in fashion, you probably can’t name 2 celebrity stylists. Which is why hearing the name Luka Lorena a few months ago meant nothing until seeing the words suing and Migos attached. In March, the styling company, Luka Lorena, filed a suit against both Kirshnik “Takeoff” Ball and Quavious “Quavo” Marshall for breach of contract, conversion and conspiracy to convert property. While there was no comment from the rappers when the suit was first filed, they’re definitely ready to hit back now. Quavo and Takeoff have denied all claims and are now counter suing the company.

Lorenas’ principal, Alicia Allicock, claims to have had a styling deal with the Taco Tuesday rappers where they approved the purchases of luxury clothing worth several thousand dollars with the agreement that the money would be paid back to the company along with a 20% styling fee. The company stated that Quavo paid his first invoice of $14,000 with no problem. Issues arose in the months following when he allegedly racked up an invoice of over $34,000 and the company was given the run around with management which ended in radio silence, when it was time to collect.

Takeoffs’ story is very similar. Lorena was allegedly hired to style Takeoff for his mother's wedding, and while he paid for the clothing that was worn, he didn’t pay the styling fee. Later, Lorena billed him for over $24,000 worth of gear and styling services that he accepted, but went ghost when it was time to close out.

Quavo, Takeoff, and their manager, Danny Zook have denied that any of this took place. There are Atlanta court documents filed from both rappers and management stating that Lorena has no proof that any merchandise or services were stolen because there was never a formal written agreement between the two parties. Both Quavo and Takeoff stated that they never hired the company or Alicia Allicock, nor did they approve for any purchases to be made on their behalf. Apparently, the rappers know Allicock personally and have asked for her to obtain a few pieces for them but there was never an official partnership there.

The Migos want the case dismissed, their lawyer fees paid, in addition to Luca Lorena to pay them their money damages in court.

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