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Dr. Dre’s Messy Family Affair: Estranged Wife Is Asking For $2 Million A Month

After 24 years of marriage, you’d think Nicole Young and Dr. Dre’s divorce would be a lot less messy than what it’s panned out to be. Last month, Nicole revealed through legal documents that she was pressured into signing a premarital agreement. According to Fox News, Young explains in the documents that Dre would not marry her unless the agreement was signed. She explains how she felt “backed into a corner.” Nicole described the agreement as elaborate, having had 16 lawyers draft it. She explained that two years into their marriage, Dre felt ashamed about having pressured her into making the decision and decided to destroy the documents. Nicole claims that after this, the two established a mutual understanding that rendered the premarital agreement null and void. This was later disputed by those close to Dr.Dre, telling TMZ that the mogul never pressured Nicole into signing the agreement and Nicole (who is a lawyer herself) had her own lawyers, and made the decision on her own. Dr.Dre makes it clear that he wants the agreement honored.

The estranged wife is shaking her purse once again and this time she’s asking for a really outrageous coin. TMZ is reporting that Nicole is asking for $1,936,399 in monthly spousal support, and an additional $5 million in lawyer fees. The real kicker is that nothing has actually changed for Nicole over the last few months. The same report states that Nicole still has access to all of the luxuries that were always available to her. I mean, the average baby mama isn’t living in a home in Malibu, driving luxury cars and enjoying the services of a personal chef. TMZ predicts that In court, Dr.Dre will argue that Nicole does not need to walk away with that much money as nothing has changed for her. On the other hand, Nicole is going to argue that she needs it in order to maintain a sense of independence, she doesn't want Dre paying all the bills.

Nicole is simply not going to walk away from 24 years of marriage, anything less than a PAID woman. After all, she was married to Dre while he accumulated his reported $800 million empire. It is going to be rather interesting to see how Young’s claims about a destroyed premarital agreement hold up in court.

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