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Social Media Smackdown Goes Live : Hazel E Vs. Masika

OG Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood fans know about the friendship turned feud between Model Masika, and former publicist and current Marriage Boot Camp star, Hazel E. Fans of the show were witness to the beginning of their dispute when Masika started dating Hazel E. ex and popular producer, Yung Berg aka Hitmaka, after repeatedly telling her to leave him. This caused tension, as it would between any set of friends. What could’ve just been an awkward bump in the road between girls ended up going further once baby fathers were lied on, accidents were made fun of, and children were spoken about. This feud has been going on for years and now, it seems pretty unclear what the real issue is currently. The ladies are set to have an unmediated sit down in efforts to conciliate, that will be airing tomorrow on Zeus Network.

During the filming of this sitdown Masika and Hazel ended up getting violent with each other, to the point where wigs were snatched, the police had to be called, and Masika was seen leaving on a stretcher. We can confirm that nobody was badly harmed by the way they continued to speak on the situation on social media. Hazel took to Instagram Live while Masika opted for the more classic cryptic Twitter post approach.

Executive Produced by former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars Princess Love and singer Ray J, this series is set to air tomorrow, September 6th, at 8pm EST on Zeus Network.

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