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150 People Trapped in Reservoir Due To Nearby Flames

Everyone knows the four seasons of Spring, Summer,Winter, and Fall but the residents of California have gotten acclimated with a fifth: Fire season. Due to the dryness, heat, and winds, from July to November is considered Fire season. As of September 4th, 2020, over 7,000 fires have burned almost 2 million acres of land making this the second largest WildFire season in California history. Just last night about 150 people needed to be rescued after being trapped in the Mammoth Pool reservoir due to the Creek Fire.

The Creek Fire has injured over a dozen people, two of them critically, bringing the Fresno Fire Department to call this a mass casualty incident. The fire first ignited in Yosemite National park on Friday evening and exploded in size by 36,000 acres by Saturday evening. There was a helicopter with a PA system that warned Lake visitors to find shelter; about 150 people were trapped at the Mammoth Pool campground. The campgrounds in the area were given an evacuation order but the size and direction of the fire compromised all possible exits.


There were about 450 Firefighters on the ground fighting the blaze with the aid of three Helicopters and three Air Tankers. Those who were trapped in the Mammoth Pool reservoir were airlifted to Fresno Yosemite International Airport where anyone who needed additional medical assistance was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. There were about 12 reported injuries but thankfully, no casualties.

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