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The First Looks At Perryland

Tyler Perry is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking men in Hollywood. From writing, directing, and starring in multiple movies and plays to owning his own studio. Amidst everything going on with Covid-19, Tyler Perry still seems to be winning. After reaching billionaire status it’s only right that he builds himself a great big house on a large plot of land.

Perry is building a 35,000 sq foot mansion that will be sitting on 1,200 acres of land on the outskirts of Atlanta. Tucked away in the woods, Perry and his family will have all the privacy they need. There are plans for an organic farm fit for Horses, Cows, and plenty of other animals. Perryland would have more than enough space for not only a farm but even an Airplane Runway! While that plan hasn’t been confirmed, from the photos released he’s either going to have a runway or a very extravagant driveway.

Tyler Perry has been working for the flowers and acclaim that he’s finally received for years. While there will always be criticism, the level of pride and work he has put in throughout his whole career can never be questioned. Perry truly does deserve his mansion in the woods complete with two structures, the grand entrance, runway, and farm.

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