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Gender Reveal Party Sets California Ablaze

California is in the midst of one of the worst years for wildfires in state history. According to CNN, more than 2,094,955 acres of land has been scorched in California this year, California fire captain described that amount of destruction as the size of ten New York Cities. Saturday, a malfunction during a gender reveal party resulted in more flames over California.

Gender reveal parties have become somewhat of a popular trend among expecting parents. These reveals are often done using visual effects, pyrotechnics and other creative mechanisms. On YouTube, some of the most popular gender reveal videos have over 2 Million views. This could be the reason why so many new parents want to join in on the action. The faulty device that started the fires is being described as a “smoke generating pyrotechnic device.” The blaze started in the El Dorado section of San Bernardino County early Saturday morning. As of Monday, the fire has spanned 7,050 acres. Only 5% of the fire has been contained. Evacuation orders have been established, and so have a number of road closures. According to USA TODAY Record-breaking heat added fuel to the flames and put a strain on the electrical grid, although fears of widespread outages had not materialized. Still, about 50,000 homes and businesses were dark Monday morning.

This isn’t the first time that a gender reveal party set a city ablaze. In Arizona, a border patrol agent shot a rifle filled with a substance that would reveal a baby’s gender, and it resulted in a fire that destroyed 45,000 acres of land. Due to causing the fire, he was ordered five years of probation and more than $8.1 million in restitution with an initial payment of $100,000. No charges have been brought to the family responsible for the California fires as of yet.

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