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New York Predator Facing Charges For Sexual Assault

A former gynecologist in New York is facing federal charges for sexually assaulting dozens of patients, ranging from children to the wife of a former presidential candidate. His name is Robert A Hadden, 62, and he is a resident of Englewood New Jersey. Hadden’s misconduct allegedly spanned from 1993 to 2012, using his position as a doctor at Columbia University to coerce the women into believing his abuse was appropriate and medically necessary. One of Hadden’s most high profile victims is Evelyn Yang. Yang is the wife of former democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Earlier this year, Evelyn spoke with CNN and detailed that Hadden had sexually assaulted her in 2012 and when she was seven months pregnant. Yang has been one of the most vocal players in this case, and fought for justice for all ladies involved. She told CNN “What Happened To Me Should've Never Happened.

Through a major lawsuit, over 20 women have come forward claiming to have been abused by Hadden. He would grope and penetrate the women under the guise of vaginal examinations and “mole checks” that served no purpose to the ladies. ABC reported further details of what Hadden did to some of the victims and they are far more graphic than one could imagine. Bottom line is that Hadden violated his position of power to take advantage of over 20 women, for his own personal satisfaction. Hadden had dodged repercussions a series of times. Back in 2016 Hadden had been given a plea deal with prosecutors of the office of Cyrus R Vance Jr. The Manhattan district attorney reopened an investigation into the doctor amid criticism over his handling of a case that included five counts of committing a criminal sexual act.

One of the accusers, Monica Hoechstetter, blasted Vance's handling of the case, saying that his office misled her about the statute of limitations. She claims that they had already been arranging a plea deal while she was still talking to prosecutors about potentially testifying at a trial. According to ABC News, a spokesman for Vance, said state prosecutors provided “substantial assistance" leading to the indictment. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office is still conducting its own “intensely active” investigation into “potential failures by Dr. Hadden’s employer and hospital to disclose additional incidents of abuse to our office and to regulators when required.”

Further details of the indictment reveal a disturbing case of Hadden sexually assaulting a minor, with full knowledge of her being under the age of 18. He knew she was underaged, because he had delivered her at birth.

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