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LegaCi Talks Her EP 'Legendary' and Her Journey As An Artist

Maryland born rapper LegaCi isn’t letting the gloomy spirit of 2020 stop her grind. This year may have been full of hurdles but LegaCi’s career has been going uphill. Her most recent achievement comes by way of the release of her EP “Legendary”, released in August, that includes her single “Down Bad” which features Tiffany Evans. We caught up with the Maryland lyricist to unfold the drive behind her momentum.

Responses were slightly edited for cohesion and clarity.

How long did it take to complete the EP “Legendary”?

I didn't sit down and just write an EP. I wrote some of the songs several years ago and some songs several months ago - I wrote the entire EP except for Stizzy Stackz’ verse on “Fitted”. I was just making music and vibing out and I looked over the catalog and realized I have a nice body of work for an EP.

When narrowing down the catalog I was clear about the direction I wanted to go in. I wanted to give my followers a taste of what they would get from me in the future and produce something that showcased my versatility as an artist. Some songs show my hard-core rap, there’s also melodic stuff and softer songs.

How did the collaboration with Tiffany Evans on “Down Bad” come about?

I wrote and finished the song and I wanted a singer so, I had my management reach out to Tiffany after she posted on Instagram that she was having a special where she was doing verses or features. I never thought she would actually do it but she did.

Everything was done via email. I was excited to get the song back; she really put her own

spin on the reference track I gave her.

In private conversation I shared with her that I used to have a fan page for her on Twitter. We spoke on the phone when I was 14 or 15 and she followed me on Twitter. So, fast forward to now it definitely came full circle, for sure.

What inspired the name for your EP “Legendary”?

I wanna be legendary. I feel like this project is a great step towards that. So, I’m manifesting it with the title “Legendary”. Ultimately that’s where I’m going.

What’s your favorite song on the EP?

One of them is ”On My Mind” because when I wrote it everything just kind of flowed out and the fact that I’m singing on there makes me so excited. But I have days when I prefer a certain song over the rest.

You may be new to the LegaCi fan base but LegaCi is not new to the rap game. LegaCi started rapping after listening to Meltdown on Missy Elliotts’ album “The Cookbook”. She started hitting the studio and releasing music at 14-years old under the name Giselle.

However, LegaCi took a break from her childhood dream to explore life and pursue her education:

When I graduated high school I moved away from home for a little bit. You know you’re young, you think you’ve got life figured out, you think you know what you wanna do and honestly, you don’t. So, I came back home and I went to school.

I’m not gonna say that college was one of my dreams and I wanted to finish but honestly, things weren’t happening fast enough for me to say ‘let me walk away from this’, so I just went on and finished. It’s just one more accomplishment that I could be proud of. But I was still in college when I released my first mixtape.

During her undergraduate career at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, LegaCi went through a rebranding process and stepped back on to the scene with her debut mixtape “Legends Never Die” (2015).

Success doesn't come easily and the road an independent artist takes may be one of the roughest. But LegaCi learned that the journey is likely to become smoother when you find the right team.

Coming into music I just wanted to rap and make music but I realized shortly in that there is so much more that goes into being a music artist. Making music is the least of the work. The majority of your time is invested in branding yourself and marketing yourself because you have to think of yourself as a business.

I don’t know that I would have been able to go from an artist who makes good music to an actual artist with a website and merchandise etc. without a team. But the key is finding people that you can trust, that believe in your dream, that want to see you win and that are just as dedicated to your success as you are.

For me, a lot of them just dropped into my life, to be honest. I have a family member who helped me a lot in the beginning and then he introduced me to my manager – now they’re both on my team. Then they ventured out and found people who just so happen to fit.

In regards to having family on your team and shaping the team that’s right for you, you have to do what’s best for you and your brand. It’s not personal. For instance, once you enter a business relationship with a family member those lines need to be clear that this is business and I need you to be on the same tip as me. I think people go wrong when they put their personal feelings into it.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for people who have a negative support system?

I am a strong believer that you could do bad by yourself. If you have negative people in your circle get rid of them. Before I had my team I did everything on my own. It’s possible, it’s more work, you don’t get to focus on the music as much cause your focus is split. But it's a lot better than having negative people in your circle.

Why should people listen to your music? What sets you apart from other female rappers that are coming up?

My sisters in hip hop are killing the game right now. I’ve been told that my content is different from what you may hear a mainstream female artist rap about. Just being in the underground space and working so hard to get to another level sets me apart from mainstream female artists.

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Favorite Color: Seatone-green

Favorite sport: Boxing

Male Rapper(s) To Collaborate With: DaBaby, Lil Baby or Moneybagg Yo

Female Artist(s) To Collaborate With: Teyana Taylor, Missy Elliott and Megan Thee Stallion

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