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Bidens Corona Plan: Prepared or Premature?

It’s been about six months since quarantine began and with stores, restaurants, and schools reopening for the fall there has been no other choice than to adapt with the times. Wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and constant hand sanitizer application is the new norm when stepping out of the house. COVID-19 has made a very sizable impact on our daily lives, in a way that is very similar to the flu. It’s reasonable to assume that when the vaccine is active it would be mandated in the same fashion. The buzz surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine has been focused on when it would be coming and who would be the first ones to try it. While Trump has been completely ill prepared for this whole ordeal, our Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has a vaccine plan that he has begun putting into action before even touching the White House.

Vivek Murthy has been appointed as Biden's coronavirus advisor, previously working as the Surgeon General during the Obama administration. During an interview with Face the Nation, Murthy expressed that the implementation and adequate distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine would be vital in “rebuilding the public trust in the COVID-19 response.”

"It will mean putting in place the strategy and resources necessary to reopen schools and workplaces. It will mean choosing the right people to lead his COVID-19 response team. He will need to communicate regularly and transparently with the public and allow scientific experts to speak directly to the media. And he will need to build strong partnerships from day one with states, faith and community organizations, health care facilities, educational institutions, and employers. All these groups will be essential to a strong, effective COVID-19 response,"

-Vivek Murthy

In Bidens’ plan to combat Coronavirus he ensures that the National Institutions of Health and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority are working to expedite the development of rapid diagnostic tests, therapeutics, medicines, and vaccines. The theoretical plan would be, the quicker the better right? Not necessarily; Murthy has explained the importance of ensuring that any vaccine meets standards for safety and efficacy with a proper public hearing to affirm those standards prior to being available to the wider general population. “If the federal government issues an authorization for a vaccine without the support of the scientific community, it would be a mistake” said Murthy.

Although Biden said that he would take a coronavirus vaccine tomorrow if he could, we’d like to hope that the proper precautions are taken before making an experimental vaccine available to the public. According to a CBS News poll, only 21% of voters nationwide would take a vaccine if one became available for no cost. The nation is anxious to get to a new normal, but not anxious enough to offer themselves up for the first round of a new vaccine. There is a level of distrust that the public has for the government due to how this current administration has handled the pandemic. Now the nation has to decide if they are comforted by Biden's COVID-19 plan enough to vote him in Office in November.

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