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Louis Vuitton’s Ridiculously Priced, And Potentially Ineffective COVID Face Shield

Ever since COVID-19 rose to prominence around the world, brands have been capitalizing on the global pandemic with their own take on PPE. Walk into any store and you will see face masks are the newest top sellers, a sign of the times as this has become our new normal. However, no protective mask is quite as luxurious as Louis Vuitton’s upcoming face shield - which is going to cost a stack. Get ready fashion freaks, the designer shield is set for release on October 30th as part of their 2021 cruise collection.

Before we drag Louis, luxury brands have been doing their part. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Bulgari and Prada are all among the brands that retooled their assembly lines to produce PPE for medical staff. Louis used their perfume factories to mass produce hand sanitizers as well as donated 2,500 masks to the MTA workers. Essentially, these brands have played a major role in supporting those on the frontlines in this crisis that has claimed the lives of so many. However, Louis is back and they’re showing you how to look fresh off the runway and COVID cautious at the same damn time. Louis describes the item as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

This is indeed an interesting piece. It’s a hard plastic covering that is similar to a visor, decked out with gold studs, an elastic head strap, and the brand's iconic LV print. You want to talk about killing all birds with one stone? The clear covering transitions from clear to dark in bright light, so ideally you’d not only be protecting yourself from COVID but also the sun’s UV rays. That is if we knew for sure that coronavirus was protected by these shields.

On the official website, face shields are listed with a caution message that states “evaluation is ongoing- but effectiveness is unknown at this time.” Meaning that the government doesn't know if a face shield is protecting you from the corona virus or not. Although they look super cool, is wearing a shield on your face truly an effective alternative to a simple mask? Nevertheless, this isn’t an item for the everyday joe. With unemployment at a record high in this country, one could only dream of having the disposable income required to sport the 1-thousand dollar Louis face shield. For now, we’ll stick to those snazzy blue surgical masks that are oftentimes given out for free.

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