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Corona Continues to Shut Down Countries: Israel Locks Down For The Second Time

Since there has been such a lack of effort from Americans and the Government to stop the spread of the virus, it has begun to feel like the rest of the world has been able to go back to normal after their few months of Quarantine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a three-week long lockdown will be in effect on September 18th following a nationwide surge of COVID-19 cases.

This lockdown is believed to be an attempt to keep larger crowds from gathering during the approximately 3 week stretch of Jewish Holidays. September 18th marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, with Yom Kippur and Sukkot following closely behind. Once this lockdown has been proven effective in diminishing the spread of the virus, Israel plans on moving into more localized lockdowns of just the hotspots.

“We want to curb the surge”

-Benjamin Netanyahu

Over the past 24 hours, Israel has had over 2,000 new infections and about 38,000 active cases overall, according to the health ministry. There are approximately 500 patients in serious condition, and over 1,000 fatalities.

Essential businesses such as Pharmacies and Supermarkets will remain open but all patrons must remain 2 meters apart. When in public, all pedestrians must be within five hundred meters of their homes. Hopefully these efforts will aid in them dropping their numbers and bring them closer to a level of normalcy.

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