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Stay Schemin’: Slovenian Woman Severs Her Own Hand In Insurance Fraud Gone Wrong

You know times are getting tough when people are literally cutting their own hands off to scam the system.

A 22-year old Slovenian woman has been sentenced to two years in prison, for cutting off her own hand. They say that everyone is looking for their own come up, but Julija Adlesic and her boyfriend took it to the next level when they concocted a scheme to sever her left hand for a major insurance pay off. She has been found guilty for attempted insurance fraud.

The courts in Ljubljana Slovenia reveal that Adlesic signed contracts with five different insurance companies. She was primed to receive over 1 million euros, half to be l paid immediately and the rest in regular monthly installments. This was a family affair according to ABC News. Not only was Julia’s boyfriend in on the scheme and sentenced to three years in prison, his father also received a one-year suspended sentence.

When you know you’re about to go tell a lie, you don’t bring the evidence do you? Adlesic and her boyfriend apparently went to the hospital and told them that her hand was completely chopped off in a sewing accident. They deliberately ditched the remains of the hand at home, in order to ensure it couldn’t be restored. This had to be a permanent disability by any means necessary. The hand was recovered by authorities and ultimately re-attached. So yes, she cut her hand off for no reason at all.

Google wasn’t their friend, as the trial revealed incriminating evidence found in Adlesic boyfriend's computer. He allegedly had been researching how prosthetic hands work. One thing about Julia Adlesic, is she stood by her word. She stood firmly on her story, and pleaded that her life has been ruined because of this. “No one wants to be crippled,” she cried. “My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.” This wasn’t enough to convince anybody of Adlesic’s innocence.

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