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Voting Super Centers: A Voting Experience Like Never Before

Get ready for an unprecedented voting experience.

Despite anticipating Americans to vote by mail in record setting numbers, state and local election officials are still looking to bring the in person voting experience to life by establishing a series of "super centers" in major U.S. cities across 14 states. Expect some of your cities biggest attractions like stadiums, arenas, and hotels that have gone dark during the COVID-19 pandemic to be repurposed as a voting super center. Officials are looking for venues that are capable of hosting tens of thousands of voters safely during a pandemic.

Those in charge say that this is an innovative process, that will allow more people to be able to cast their votes than ever before. Alice Miller, the executive director of the D.C Board of Elections told ABC news, “We will be able to accommodate more voters at a quicker pace. There will be more machines -- and more space." The social distance factor will for sure put many who choose to vote in person at ease amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and concerns of whether or not voting in person can lead to a spike in new cases. The District of Columbia is one of the model states who will be utilizing the super center approach. They’ll be launching five super centers, one of which will be located in Capital One Arena.

As far as staffing for these polling centers, sports organizations have offered their own staff and arena workers as volunteers. The D.C. Board of Elections chairman Michael Bennett, explained the process to ABC news. He says, "Once they voted, they will come further down the corridor and put their ballot in a tabulating machine, get their voter sticker and they can exit.” Sounds pretty simple does it? Although this model has been tested in Atlanta for their primaries, you can expect more people to come out for the Fall election. More people means longer lines, so officials say to keep your expectations at bay.

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