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Midnight Mass Shooting in Rochester

Americas’ history with gun violence is a bleak one. It feels like every other day someone is getting shot and every other week there's a mass shooting. In 2019, the U.S. had the 28th highest rate of deaths from gun violence globally. While there is no textbook definition for mass shooting, it’s been widely accepted as any event where 4 or more people are injured and or killed by gun fire; and that’s exactly what occurred after midnight in Rochester. There was a shooting at a party taking place overnight on Friday September 19th that left 2 people dead and 14 injured.

In Rochester, about a half an hour after midnight several dozen rounds of shots went off during a backyard party. The interim Police Chief, Mark Simmons, spoke during a press conference and called the shooting “a tragedy of epic proportions.” The two fatalities were a man and a woman both aged at approximately 18-22 years old. The 14 remaining victims did not suffer any life threatening injuries and were split between two hospitals after the police arrived on the scene.

The police have yet to release the names of the victims or to identify a suspect. Simmons stated that officers are still interviewing witnesses in efforts to get more information about how the shooting began in order to filter though suspects. Up until the 911 call for the shooting, there were no calls from neighbors complaining about the gathering so it couldn’t be concluded as rowdy.

Thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased.

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