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Why Can’t We Be Friends? : Sukihana V. Cuban Doll

2020 has been a terrible year in general but a great one for the rap girls. There has been more recognition of their craft, more features, plenty of awards won and even more records broken. All can never be perfect in the world of Hip-Hop, especially when people have their own personal perception of their peers. Usually when two female rappers are beefing it can be chalked up to society trying to pit women against each other; it happens more often than you think. When it comes to the matchup of Cuban Doll and Sukihana, we know that’s not the case. After Sukihana posted on Twitter accusing Cuban Doll of being colorist, it all went downhill.

This all began after Cuban reposted a photo taken by Suki on her close friends with the caption “why her big fat ugly a** post us.” Cuban claims it’s because both her and rapper Molly Brazy, who is pregnant, were in the background and the photo didn’t show them in the best light.

After hearing about this post, Sukihana went to Twitter stating that “Cuban Doll calls any girl that is dark-skin ugly.” In a time of women empowerment and togetherness, this is a heavy claim that could potentially ruin a budding career.

Following the tweets, Cuban went on Instagram live to clear her name, claiming that she didn’t say that dark-skin girls were ugly and she has too many dark-skin friends for her to think that way - does that excuse sound familiar?

Although these two used to be friends, there was a falling out after Suki stayed overnight at Cubans house in Atlanta. Cuban claims Sukihana didn’t respect her house and Suki claims that the house wasn’t clean enough to respect. Classic petty she said she said.

During the time they were friends, there is a video from an Instagram live where Suki told Cuban that some girls might hate her because of her light skin. This comes as a shock because of how strongly she reacted when calling her a colorist, when she has fed into the long delusion of light-skin girls being bullied because of their skin tone.

It’s clear that there is an underlying issue between the two rappers but that doesn’t mean that they have to do the petty back and forth on social media. Colorism is a very real issue in the Black community, especially amongst women. Colorism, amongst other detrimental mindsets, is one of the main reasons for insecurity and self hate in the black community. While there's obviously something wrong with being colorist or making colorist remarks, there is nothing wrong with admitting faults in an effort to unlearn the behavior. Twitter and Instagram timelines might not be the best place for that conversation though.

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