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All The Way Up : Reminiscence Records is Here

As an artist, independence is currency. Not only independence from a label, but also in thought and business moves. There are many musicians who branch off into things separate from their personal music. Whether it’s owning Real Estate, WingStop locations, or Labels, musicians have noticed that it's most lucrative to have something on the side. Longtime New York rapper Remy Ma, has had endorsements and sponsorships but has taken it to another level by starting her own record label, Reminiscence Records.


Remy Ma as a brand and musician is still under Columbia Records but has signed a multimillion dollar partnership deal with the label for Reminiscence Records now making her the youngest female rapper to date running a record label. After her 2 year hiatus to have her golden child, who is her namesake, she’s back and ready to release new music and freestyles. In an Instagram live video Remy expressed her excitement for the new album and stated that anything that doesn't make the album would be released as singles since she has such a surplus of music.

This much anticipated album would be the first project released under the label Reminiscence Records.

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