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Tory...Read The Room

Malcolm X said “the most disrespected person in America is the Black woman”, he was right when he said it decades ago, and the statement rings even more true today in 2020. In light of everything going on in the nation these past few months, there has been an influx of seemingly performative activism with the slogan “Protect Black Women”; but not a lot of Black women have been feeling protected. It’s known that Megan Thee Stallion has publicly identified Tory Lanez as her shooter but the Keebler Elf himself has remained silent, in his tree making cookies while his team sends misinformation to the blogs in order to distract from the truth. It seems that the latest batch of cookies must be done and all of the distractions can cease because Tory Lanez dropped an album last night.

The 17 song long album, Daystar, touches on what happened that night, his romantic pursuit of Kylie, and his need for personal growth. Tory has neither confirmed nor denied his actions, but he has been proven guilty in the court of public opinion. Many have found the timing of his album release distasteful at best. Amidst the news of the disrespectful and unlawful verdict of one of Breonna Taylors killers, and the release of Megans’ TIME magazine cover, Tory decides to make himself part of a conversation nobody wants him in. The attempt to dim Megan's light in order to have it shine on him brighter was for naught. There are some fans who are split between completely cancelling him and listening to the album to “hear his side of the story”. The Entertainment industry has a nasty history of bypassing violence against women because the perpetrator has a little talent, but this new generation is trying to stop the cycle.

Tory’s actions have shown that he doesn’t respect Black women; and like many other men he needs to come to terms with the truth of this in order for him to grow. It has become too easy in this society to demean, disrespect, and dehumanize Black women who are just living their lives, with no repercussion.

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