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Trouble In Paradise?: Demi Lovato & Max Ehrich Split

In the crazy times that we’re living in now, all a lot of people have had to hold on to for a sense of normalcy, is love. Whether platonic or romantic, the relationships that you have had or are building is what helps to keep your sanity. No relationship is ever a walk in the park, especially the romantic ones that result in a proposal after just a few months of dating.Take a look at Demi Lovato; she and her ex-fiance, Max Ehrich, have called it quits after about a month of being engaged.

July 22nd should be held in Demis’ mind as one of the most blissful days of her life, before the wedding of course. The beautiful beach shore proposal looked like something out of a wedding magazine but the engagement bliss was short lived. A source close to the couple stated that the decision to split was a difficult one for the two of them but they decided to focus on their respective careers. “They have love and respect for each other and will always cherish the time they spent together.” With only six months under their belt, it’s clear that quarantine accelerated their romantic timeline but wasn’t the cause of it to end.

The ending of an engagement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship and hopefully the two can still make it work without the rings involved.

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