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YGs’ 3 Year Old Daughter Watched Him Taken Away In Cuffs

The relationship between civilians and Police officers has been tense for the past years. There is an understandable level of distrust that Black people especially feel when it comes to the Police. In the early morning on Jan. 24th, rapper YG, heard a loud banging on his front door and saw that the L.A. County sheriffs’ deputies were on his front step with guns drawn. With his main focus on the Nipsey Hustle tribute that he was scheduled to give two days later, the last thing he needed was a gang of Police on his porch with a search warrant.

After being arrested and booked on robbery charges, YG was questioned about an incident in 2019 involving an SUV under his name that was involved in a shootout that took someone's life. YG held on to his lack of knowledge on the situation, but his innocence didn’t help his fear of losing his freedom. “when they took me to Twin Towers, they had the homicide people come talk to me about some whole other situation. Right then, I’m not thinking about the Grammys. I’m thinking, ‘You finished, you ain’t going home.’ They were trying to spook me, hoping to put me away for life.”

YG was able to make bail and deliver the Grammy tribute for his late friend, Nipsey Hustle; but all the legal drama doesn’t go away that quickly. L.A. County court records show that YG pleaded not guilty to the 2019 case that he was most recently arrested for along with a 2018 Vegas robbery charge that is still waiting for a court date. With more concern for his children than himself, YG knows the kind of trauma seeing your parent dragged away in cuffs can give to a child. Harmony, YGs’ daughter who was present for the early morning arrest, gave her account of the situation through her eyes during an interlude on YGs’ album, My Life 4Hunnid.

“Kids get traumatized, waking up to guns in their face...but this really happens. I wanted to bring people back into that time.”

- YG

With all the new stories of Police brutality popping up daily, it’s easy to become desensitized to the violence and over policing that occurs. It’s important to remember for yourself and for the future generations that waking up to guns pointed in your face is not normal. YG has made it a point to have his personal and political views on this nation heard, because he has the platform to amplify voices that have been silenced for years.

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