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Micheal Rubin Getting Sued After Chair Falls Off His Balcony and Hits a Woman Causing Brain Damage

Imagine, you’re just walking down the street in Manhattan and all of a sudden there's a large object above you getting closer and closer until it hits you directly on your head. That’s exactly what happened to now 24 year old Annabel Sen earlier this year as she was walking to meet her boyfriend for lunch. On January 25th, Sen was hospitalized after a chair fell 12 stories off the balcony of a penthouse owned by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner, Micheal Rubin, and hit her before crashing into a parked car.


According to the lawsuit, Sen has suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury that along with other injuries, required emergency brain surgery. Since the incident, Sen has had a total of 3 brain surgeries but is still unable to complete her everyday tasks. Not only does Sen still have the financial responsibility of her medical expenses, she’s expected to pay them while suffering though current and future loss of time and earning from employment. Sen was about to begin her journey to a Masters degree from Harvard University but has now had to move back home to Connecticut with her parents due to her current cognitive deficits.

“There was really no reason for this to happen. You either bring the furniture in — especially if you’re not going to be there for a long time — or you tie it down. There are a number of people who could and should have done that.”

-Morelli, Sens Lawyer

According to Rubins’ spokesperson, he hasn’t lived in the apartment for some time and was renting it to Dubugras and Franceschi, who are both co-founders of the finance and tech company Brex.

While a financial settlement would assist in her medical bills, it can’t take back her time spent in the hospital and recovering when she could’ve been advancing her career and getting her education. Wishing Annabel Sen a complete recovery as soon as possible.

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